Top 5 Tips to Elevate your Air Compressor’s Productivity

An air compressor is one of the most useful equipment both at home and in the industry. It uses the power of compressed air to perform wide ranging tasks such as drilling, inflating tyres, refrigeration, air conditioning and spray painting. As an air compressor owner, you would like to get the maximum out of your equipment with the consumption of minimum possible energy.

VEMC is one of the leading air compressor dealers in Mumbai, and in this blog, we share 5 tips that will help you elevate your compressor’s productivity significantly.

Conduct air checks regularly

When using an air compressor, carry out regular air checks as part of routine maintenance and inspection process. With the help of a data recording device, you can take precise readings without obstructing the operations. The air check shows the pressure and volume, thus ensuring optimised use and minimum possible energy consumption.

Recover the dissipated heat

A substantial portion of energy that is generated by an air compressor is lost in the form of heat. This accounts for up to 90% of the energy. By making use of this dissipated heat in warming your facility or heating water, you can avoid wastage of this significant amount of energy which is anyway released by your compressor.

Plug leakages

Air leakage can cause a significant amount of leakage and must therefore be frequently inspected and plugged. Apart from the compressor piping, make sure valves, couplings and flanges are properly checked for leaks. You may need a qualified and experienced service-provider such as VEMC –– a top air compressor dealer in Mumbai, for this. 

Stop off-load running

No-load running of your air compressor is another problem area. It consumes energy while not producing any compressed air. Besides, when the compressor is stopped and restarted, it causes extra wear and tear, leading to higher maintenance costs. To ensure the system is suitably configured, proper sizing of the system or having an intelligent control system in place is necessary.

Use only genuine spares

Long service life and efficiency in operations can be guaranteed only by original spare parts. This doesn’t just apply to the valves, seals and compressor stages, but also to lubricants. Original spare parts are manufactured keeping in close view the design and configuration of the air compressor. The same cannot be said of non-genuine spare parts which may seem marginally cheaper but may end up costing much higher in the long run due to low efficiency, more wear and tear, and higher maintenance costs.

If you are an air compressor owner, you must look for possible areas of poor efficiency and wastage of energy, and take suitable corrective measures. For more information on how to prevent wastage and ensure your air compressors run at maximum efficiency, feel free to get in touch with our experts by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at VEMC is the top-notch air compressor dealer in Mumbai