VEMC provides the best and the most reliable fire fighting pumps in India

VEMC is a largest distributor of Fire Fighting Pump Set in India, which provides the best in quality Kirloskar FM/UL Fire pump sets. It is made in order to meet the standards and specifications of National Fire Protection Association-USA. It follows all the stringent safety norms of fire safety while providing cost effectiveness at the same time.

As per the customer’s requirement it is also approved by world renowned fire certifying agencies like Factory Manual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Due to these standards and exhaustive testing of the Fire Fighting Pump Set, they prove to be the most reliable choice for every industry; it is likely to be less prone to the damages done at the time of a fire.

VEMC provides one of the best and most reliable fire fighting pumps all over India which is applied in several sectors like:

Commercial Complexes

Buildings with high rise

Ports and Airports

Oil and Gas platforms

Power stations


Manufacturing as well as Chemical Industry

VEMC, not only provides Fire Fighting Pump Set, but also helps with the installation, training, and controlling of the water pumps when you get into a relationship with us. We are renowned dealers of all the different types of Water Pumps all over India with the best quality products and services.