Water, the fodder of life and fuel for the economy!

Water is so abundant worldwide but experts claim that we will run out of it soon. It basically runs the planet and it fuels our economy. Do you know that water goes through a hefty process before it arrives to your local pipe? Yes, it needs to be purified and the pipelines that transfer the water are a lot more complicated than you think. The water doesn’t move through the pipes on its own. A mechanical device called a water pump is needed to push the water through the pipes.

A simple form of water pump is the one that you push by hand; it’s usually called the pitcher pump. It is one of the oldest ways of extracting water from the ground. We use different ways today, namely long pipes and water pumps. Here at Vijay Engineering & Machinery Co., we distribute three types of Water Pumps. In the category of Back Pullout Pumps, we provide DB, CE and CPHM pump sets. Under all of those three categories, there are more subcategories of pumps that we offer.

In the event of fire emergencies, we offer a superb Fire Fighting Pump Set which brings great results in the hardest of times. This pump set needs a lot of energy in order to pump the water at a high pressure, so that the water manages to extinguish a fire properly.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and that’s why we strive to deliver the best results to our customers, which makes it easier for us to cultivate strong relationships. We are certified by the highest government agencies in India and our team of technicians is educated and ready to provide solutions for you. You may want to contact the best Water Pump Suppliers in India for a complete Water Distribution Solution in your perimeter