Why My Air Compressor Is Losing Pressure?

What is Compressed Air Pressure Drop and How Do You Minimize It -  Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Air is drawn in through the inlet valve, compressed to the necessary volume, and released through a discharge valve into a storage tank by air compressors. An electric motor typically powers the compression operation. When the system is using a much greater quantity of energy than before, pressure drops will be apparent. It is important to eliminate or reduce pressure drops wherever possible as this will improve the system’s efficiency and help reduce your maintenance costs.

You can reduce or eliminate the pressure drops in the following ways:

Examine Tubing

If your Elgi air compressor system has tubing, it is crucial to do so in order to ensure that the tubes are still airtight. Tubing issues might also be brought on by rust build-up. It’s time to replace the tubing if you notice any rust accumulation or cracks.

Improve the piping layout

Although it has been demonstrated that piping systems older than five years can leak up to 25% of their capacity, many institutions are sluggish to replace ageing machinery. The majority of institutions still employ galvanised iron, also known as “black iron,” for their Elgi compressed air pipe systems even when a more effective option is available.

Look for worn-out hoses

Air leaks could be caused by kinked or worn-out hoses. Regular hose inspections to ensure they’re in top functioning order may help you detect leaks earlier and prevent problems from getting worse. Verify that none of the hoses in your system are positioned so that they are under stress.

System connections should be taken into account. Each connecting piece needs to be accurate in size and tight. If any of your connection points are unnecessarily convoluted, it might be time to redesign your system with a more straightforward strategy in mind.

Check Regulators

The pressure regulators’ settings could be the source of the pressure drop and energy rise. You can try to reset it, but if the problem persists, it might need to be replaced.

Replace Lubricators

The lubricators on your air compressor must correspond to the system’s actual flow rate. They might need to be altered if they are not operating properly within the constraints of your system.

Filter upkeep or replacement

After leaks have been found and addressed, it’s crucial to take action to stop further breaches from developing. Leaks caused by dust, corrosion-causing moisture, and the accompanying pipe sludge reduce efficiency and raise the possibility of failure or end-product contamination. Regular system maintenance not only minimises risk but also stops new leaks from developing. The quality of compressed air is ensured, and pressure drops are avoided through routine filter changes.

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