5 benefits of regularly changing compressed air filter elements

5 benefits of regularly changing compressed air filter elements

Compressed air is indispensable to a vast number of manufacturing and industrial applications including pneumatic tools, petrochemicals, and food processing, among others. Most compressor systems are fitted with a filtration system to optimize the movement of the air and minimize the risk of contamination. To keep the system functioning smoothly, it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance and replace the components that have become worn out. Parts of the air filtration system in the compressor have a limited shelf life and in order to keep working effectively, they must be checked and replaced periodically. Let’s take a look at five benefits that changing the compressor’s air filter elements regularly provides:

1. Maintain a high quality of compressed air

Changing the air filters regularly makes for a safer, cleaner work environment without the risk of undesirable contaminants that can cause damage to your staff and equipment. To keep the air filtration system unclogged and functioning at peak efficiency, you need to change the air filters as often as required. Check with the manufacturer to know what the recommended frequency of your filters is.

2. Protect adsorption dryer beds

In some systems, using fresh new filters enables the adsorption dryer beds to operate at their most efficient levels. With reduced particulate matter present in the airflow over these, they are going to remain healthy more easily and offer maximum advantage.

3. Decrease operational costs

Changing the air filter parts regularly cuts down on the risk of running into problems with the entire system which can result in downtime, costly repairs, and all-around inefficiency. Without proper maintenance of the air filtration system, the compressor has to work harder to deliver the required airflow. This puts a burden on the compressor and makes it consume more energy and be susceptible to damage and lowered durability.

4. More productivity and profitability

An outcome of conducting consistent maintenance and changing the air filters is that you will benefit from a boost in efficiency, thereby resulting in increased productivity as well as profitability for your business.

5. Sense of assurance

Changing the air filtration parts of your compressor system keeps everything operating much more smoothly than if you did not. It is a habit that gives you peace of mind and a sense of assurance that your system is running at the best of its ability in the safest way possible. It reduces the anxiety and inconvenience of unexpected downtime. This in itself is invaluable when it comes to the daily operation of your business or factory.

These benefits far outweigh the consequences of not changing the air filter parts regularly as required. So, keep them in mind when maintaining your air compressor system!

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