Solar solutions for schools: Can solar eliminate DG sets

We all have learnt about Global Warming and the importance of solar energy in school. But how many of us have been to schools that use solar energy? While educators instil the importance of reducing one’s carbon footprint, schools themselves continue to use old, conventional sources of energy. Many schools also rely heavily on diesel generator (or DG) sets. If you’re running a school, you may want to reconsider using DG sets for electricity.

To answer the question in the title; Yes. You can eliminate DG sets when you start using solar energy.

Why you should replace your DG sets with a solar PV system

A diesel generator set generates electricity during periods of power shortage. It’s not a part of the main electricity grid and is often used as a backup. As useful as it may sound, you should replace it because it produces harmful emissions that add to air pollution. It is also costly to operate due to high fuel and maintenance costs. Installing a solar PV system in your school will give you a lifetime of clean, sustainable energy.

Pros of using a solar PV system

  • Lower electricity costs. If you use solar net metering, your electricity bill can be as low as 0 sometimes! The money saved can be used to fund many other things your school may need.
  • You can get access to the solar energy subsidy (in Maharashtra), which is being administered by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA).
  • No greenhouse emissions. Your school would be known as one that cares about the planet.
  • Students can learn about clean energy and sustainability first-hand

Why continue using your old generator sets? Schools are some of the best sites for solar PV systems thanks to their campuses that provide large rooftops, which are ideal for solar panels.

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