On Grid or off Grid Choose the Right Solar PV System Tailored for Your Requirements

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, one of the leading solar panel suppliers, provide their clients with efficient, high-quality solar solutions. Be it installing a solar lighting system or a comprehensive solar PV system, we make switching to solar energy easier than ever before.

There are many factors you’ll need to consider while choosing the right system. The location for the system is important when it comes to choosing the type of system you need to install. Let’s go over the options provided by VEMC to see which one is ideal for your requirements:

Grid-tied (or on-grid) system: As the name suggests, this system is tied to the main public utility grid. It has an inverter that’s connected to the electricity supply mains and uses sensors to match the grid supply to decrease your power usage from the grid. This system doesn’t have battery storage and any excess electricity produced is added to the main grid. This makes a grid-tied system ideal for solar net metering (click here to read our article on solar net metering). Residential areas and many businesses usually use a grid-tied system.

Off-grid system: This system works in isolation and is not connected to the public electricity supply. A battery stores excess electricity generated during the day and uses it at night when there isn’t solar energy being generated. Such a system is best suited for remote areas that don’t have access to electricity grid lines, e.g. villages, defence posts, forest checkpoints, etc.

Hybrid system: This is a mix of an off-grid and a grid-tied system. This system is connected to the main power grid and also comes with a battery backup for energy storage. This allows you to use your own stored electricity during power shortages and supply electricity to the main grid if you have surplus units. This system is ideal for commercial spaces, malls, and other areas that pay higher tariffs for electricity.

Optimized grid-tied system: This unique system uses module optimizers and special solar inverters to enhance module optimization and boost your system’s performance.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company provides top-notch solar products and installation services. Having revolutionized solar PV systems, we aim at making it easy for people to access this technology.

Want to do your bit for the environment? Contact us to know more about solar PV installation and take the first step towards a more sustainable future!


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