Choose the Right Kirloskar Openwell Submersible Pump

Kirloskar, a market leader in the fluid management industry, has got you covered for a wide range of liquid handling processes. It produces specialized pumps for various purposes so that you can find the perfect match for your niche requirements.

So, how can you find the ideal pump? That’s where we come in. Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is one of the best Kirloskar pump dealers in Mumbai and we provide assistance to our customers, from choosing the right pumps to finally installing and maintaining it.

The following guide focuses on Kirloskar’s openwell pump sets.


This pump is the submersible dewatering pump offered by Kirloskar. It can be used for small scale as well as heavy duty dewatering purposes in construction sites, basements, mines, pits, etc. All its mechanically sealed components are made of stainless steel which provides great corrosion resistance.


Ideal for residential water supply, small-scale irrigation, fountains, sumps and water tanks, this pump is compact and lightweight. It’s specially designed to save energy and provide high-efficiency results.


Available in cast iron construction, the KOS pump is ideal for agriculture, irrigation, sprinklers, etc. It is also suited for domestic water supply. It is water-cooled and water- lubricated, and has a wet type submersible motor.


Primarily designed to function seamlessly in underwater applications, e.g. submerged pumps in fountains, wells, tanks, etc., this pump can also be used when it’s not submerged. It is also ideal for clean watering handling in industries and water supply in high rises, hotels, etc. It comes with CED coating to prevent rust on wetted components and extend the pump’s life.


Complete with a stainless-steel body and CED coated wetted components, the KOS N is suitable for gardening, small-scale irrigation and water supply in buildings, fountains, sumps, etc. This pump is also ideal for hygienic handling of drinking water. It can withstand voltage fluctuations from 160 to 260 volts.


Ideal for underwater applications and water supply functions in buildings, gardens, farms, etc., this pump’s speciality is its ability to withstand voltage variation from 350-440 volts, which prevents overloading and motor burning. It comes with CED coating and is also suitable for handling drinking water.


CED-coated and designed for underwater applications, these pumps can withstand voltage fluctuations from 200-440 volts. They’re best suited for conventional irrigation, sprinklers, and pumping water from tanks, sumps, etc.

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