How to select the right pump for any chemical process?

As the name itself suggests, chemical pumps are used in the process of making, using or disposing of chemicals. The materials used in their construction and designing are chosen in a way that they can withstand substances with high or low levels of viscosity, abrasiveness, and corrosiveness. 

When something is so susceptible to the state of the substance flowing through its interiors, it becomes crucial to be as accurate as possible during its selection. When it comes to zeroing on the correct chemical centrifugal pumps, there are many variables one has to keep in mind:

-The materials used for the construction of the pump

The materials used should be compatible with the chemical media as acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid may cause problems like corrosion.

There are two types of pump materials- metal and nonmetallic. Metallic chemical pumps are mostly made from stainless steel, a nickel alloy or titanium for protection against corrosion. Nonmetallic pump materials are rubber, plastic, ceramics, glass, etc. which are all used as pump materials for corrosive materials.

  • Pump size

If a pump of incorrect size is picked up, it will lead to operating problems within the pump fluid transfer system. Although owing to a built-in safety factor, mostly pumps are slightly oversized but if a pump is too big, it can make the centrifugal motor to be lightly loaded during operation. This, in turn, leads to lower productivity and higher operating costs. 

There are other issues that crop up as well like premature bearing failures, excessive vibration, increase in operating temperature and cavitation issues. But that doesn’t mean that one should go for an undersized pump as it has its own share of consequences. In an undersized chemical pump has to pump faster, straining their pump components, bringing down their suction capabilities, as well as fastening its wear, which may lead to failure.

  • Pump performance specifications

The proper performance of the pump includes maximum discharge flow, maximum discharge pressure (head), inlet size, discharge size, and media temperature. Hailed as the best pump dealers in Mumbai, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is regarded as one of the reputed pump dealers in India and the trustworthy distributors of the reliable Kirloskar pumps. From being regarded as the best pump dealers in Navi Mumbai to being the trusted pump dealers in Panvel, VEMC lives by its principle to never compromise on what is best for its customers. Check out our website for more!