Various reasons for a centrifugal pump not discharging water

When centrifugal pumps produce inadequate flow, not only is the pump’s efficiency compromised, but the entire system suffers a gradual breakdown until the problem is solved. But often, we put the entire blame of the low flow on the pump itself, misdiagnosing problems in the system as pump problems only but to solve issues related to the performance of the system one has to look at the bigger picture.

Reasons for a centrifugal pump to produce a low flow of water

  1. A clogged suction pipe: If a suction pipe is riddled with debris, there is less flow into the pump, which in turn leads to less flow out of the pump.
  2. Worn impeller, ring, and plate: If the vanes on the impeller, the ring, and plate have worn down, the hydraulic capacity of the pump is hampered.
  3. Reversed Impeller Rotation: Often, a pump’s motor is bump started without first ensuring whether the pump is hooked up for proper rotation of the shaft. So, when the motor turns in the wrong direction, the shaft is pushed back by the impellor which nat damage the internal surface of the pump.
  4. Excessive Clearances: Excessive slip may occur if the clearances are too wide for the type of fluid pumped causing the fluid to recirculate inside the pump, thus causing the lower flow.
  5. Debris in the impeller: The hydraulic capacity of the impeller is sometimes removed by the debris clogging it, creating an area of low pressure.
  6. Open Bypass Valve: Sn open bypass valve may be the one diverting the flow isn’t somewhere else.

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