How does the temperature of the Photovoltaic Model actually affect the power generation process?

Though highly efficient compared to other renewable energy resources, a solar PV module is severely affected by major fluctuations in temperature. When the temperature turns extremely excessive, the energy output of a PV system is hampered and results in unexpected energy loss. 

Why does temperature affect the solar photovoltaic model?

The efficiency of solar panels is negatively affected by an increase in temperature. In practice, photovoltaic modules are tested at a temperature of 25 degrees C (STC) – about 77 degrees F.- this is the Standard Test Condition temperature where the module’s nameplate power is determined. The heat can reduce energy output efficiency by 10 to 25%, depending on the solar panel’s installation location.  Increase in the temperature of the solar panel increases the output of current exponentially and lowers the voltage output linearly, severely reducing the solar panel’s capability to produce power. 

A panel’s heat tolerance can be deduced checking out the sheet provided by the manufacturer, which carries a term called the “temperature coefficient (Pmax.)”-  the maximum power temperature coefficient.  This gives you a fairly accurate idea about the percentage of power loss when the panel has to bear a temperature spike 1°C above 25°C. 

But there are multiple ways to ensure to bring this situation under control

• When installing the panels, place them in a way that they are a few inches above the surface of the roof so that there is enough space in between for convective airflow, allowing the panels to cool down. 

• It is a known fact that dark colours absorb more heat, so the best idea would be to make sure that the panels are constructed with light-coloured materials.

• Components like inverters and combiners are already doing the heavy work and as a result, get heated up. Keeping them in direct sunlight will only tip the soaring temperature over the edge, so it is a good idea to keep them in a  shaded area behind the array. Be it choosing the right solar panel or ensuring the proper installation of a solar tracking mount, the best solar EPC consultants in Thane, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is at your service. Hailed as the best EPC Consultants in Navi Mumbai as well, VEMC is renowned for providing only the best. Check out our website for more!