How to Determine if Your Solar Panel Needs Repairs

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Repairs? You may be surprised. Solar panels are known to be very low maintenance, however, it’s always prudent to check up on them at least once in six months to ensure that nothing stands in the way of efficient renewable energy generation.

What are some signs you need solar repairs?
Dirt buildup. This is the simplest thing to look for. Since your panel is outdoors, it is subjected to dust, debris and other pollutants. These could obstruct sunlight reaching your panel, and in some cases, may also cause damage to the panel if not dealt with properly.
Damaged glass. The glass used on PV Panels is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. However, in rare cases, as a result of heavy objects falling on your panel, you may notice cracks on inspection. Here, it’s crucial to get them fixed to avoid further issues.
Damaged metal parts. The panel is supported by a rack and several smaller parts that hold it in place. While these are designed to last for years, over time, they may begin wearing out. If you notice rust on any portion of the rack, your panel needs immediate repairs.

Leave the repairs to the experts
Solar panel maintenance should only be carried out by experts in order to avoid mishaps. Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company is a trusted EPC Consultant in Maharashtra. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (click here to know more) give our clients a hassle-free, streamlined experience when it comes to owning a Solar Panel in Maharashtra, whether it’s a Commercial Solar Panel or a Residential Solar Panel.
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