7 Ways in Which Solar Energy Benefits Us

We’re always told solar energy, being Renewable Energy, is good for us. But how?
As Global Warming is on the rise, the Earth is exposed to more sunlight and heat. PV Panels make use of this adversity to generate electricity. Apart from this, there are many other benefits to using solar energy.

1) Saves Oil: In many places, crude oil serves as the main source of energy. With rising oil prices, solar energy can be easier on the pocket in addition to being a greener energy source.
2) Creates Employment: The installation, maintenance, commissioning, etc. of PV Panels, Batteries, etc. can generate a lot of employment.
3) Equivalent to Taking Cars Off the Roads: Fewer cars lead to a fall in greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, using a Residential Solar Panel reduces demand for Non-Renewable Energy sources that emit greenhouse gases. As a result of this, the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. is significantly reduced because solar PV systems don’t release any greenhouse gases.
4) Equivalent to Planting Trees: Planting trees helps absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Solar energy, on the other hand, prevents carbon emissions by substituting Non-Renewable Energy. Hence, the two have the same effect.
5) Reduces Health & Environmental Damages: Solar energy is clean energy and doesn’t produce any harmful by-products. This makes it a safe form of electricity.
6) Saves Water: Coal power plants use vast amounts of water to process and clean the fuel. Solar energy generation, meanwhile, doesn’t need any water since the “fuel” is sunlight.
7) Reduces CO2 Emission: Since solar power generation doesn’t burn any carbon-based fuels for energy, it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide.

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