In which direction does water enter the centrifugal pump?

So, how does water enter the centrifugal pump? Well, there are different ways in which it makes it to the eye of the impeller in the pump:

  1. End suction and top discharge centrifugal pump:

 In this arrangement, the water enters the impeller horizontally and then proceeds to discharge vertically from the top of the pump, a good example of which is the single stage horizontal centrifugal pump popularly known as end suction back pull out pumps

  • Top suction and top discharge centrifugal pump:

The water both enters and discharges from the top of the pump,i.e. top half of the casing  something which happens in a boiler feedwater pump.popularly known as Multistage pump.

  • Side suction and side discharge centrifugal pump:

Here, the water both enters and exits from the same direction, but in this case, it is from the side.i.e. bottom half of the casing. A classic example of this type of arrangement is an axial split horizontal centrifugal pump. Popularly known as side suction side discharge pump

No matter which method is employed, they are available in a variety of options and are applicable in several applications.

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