A Guide to Kirloskar’s HVAC Systems

What is an HVAC system?

Today, good air conditioning/heating have become indispensable, be it residences or office spaces. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It may also be referred to as HVACR, ‘R’ being refrigeration. It uses outdoor air to regulate and maintain preferable temperature and humidity indoors. Ventilation is of utmost importance here because it ensures the circulation of fresh air indoors.

Kirloskar’s HVAC systems

Kirloskar is the largest manufacturer and exporter of pumping systems, pumps and valves in India. It offers all-inclusive solutions for the HVAC industry.

Their offerings include:

  • District cooling system
  • Primary and condenser pump sets
  • Secondary variable speed pumping system
  • Tertiary variable speed pumping system
  • Primary variable flow system

Each of Kirloskar’s systems is equipped with a comprehensive set of components:

  • Motors
  • Control panel- Wall and floor mounted
  • Energy saving, efficiency-enhancing glass flake coatings
  • Accessories- This includes valves, differential pressure transducers, condition monitoring system, expansion tank, air separator tank and a pressurization system
  • Service backup- Kirloskar offers 24-hour service backup, energy audit, Operation & Maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Pumps- These are essential components of an HVAC system. A pump cycles hot or cold air. It absorbs heat from a cold area and releases it into a warmer zone. Hence, it is crucial for temperature regulation.

Kirloskar has a variety of different pumps available for HVAC needs:

  • End suction, back pull out type long-coupled pumps- These include the DB, CE, CPHM, MF, DBL, KPD models. The iCP variant is the newest addition to this range and has a mechanical seal which eliminates the possibility of leakages.
  • Double suction, horizontal axially split case long coupled pumps- These encompass the UP, UPLV, UPH, UPM, SCT and SCT Extended variants. The iHT model is the latest one available and offers high speeds up to 2900 rpm.
  • Vertical axially split single/multistage pumps- These include the iHTV, UPV and SCTV variants.
  • Vertical inline single/multistage pumps- Single stage pumps in this category include ILS and the IN IL models, while multistage pumps comprise of IL, KCIL and KSIL models.
  • Close coupled pumps- These include the DBC (single stage), KDS and KDT (multistage) variants.

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