Get the Best Process Pumps from VEMC

A process pump in an industrial space is usually used to move liquids around. Depending on their uses, they can be of many different types. Kirloskar, India’s biggest provider of pumps and valves, manufactures a wide range of process pumps to cater to various needs of industries today. It is important to know the features of the pump you’re buying before you get one from your industrial pump distributor.

Let’s look at two of Kirloskar’s process pump variants: The KPD and the KPDS

Kirloskar’s KPD process pump

Usage: The KPD model is an end suction pump, ideal for air conditioning, condensate extraction and distilleries along with edible oil, sugar and textile industries.

Design: This pump’s back pull-out design allows you to easily dismantle or reassemble it. It is also designed to be leak proof and comes with a mechanical seal or a gland packing. Its oil lubricated bearings give you smooth operations for long periods of time and prevent malfunctions. It can work in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 180°C. This pump is also available in vertical execution.

Worried about the quality of the pumps you buy? Kirloskar’s KPD process pump complies with API 610 (a standard set by the American Petroleum Institute for centrifugal pumps dealing with petrochemical and natural gas industries). It also conforms to DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 standards, ensuring quality and giving you complete value for money.

Kirloskar’s KPDS process pump

Usage: The KPDS model is a sump pump. It removes liquids which have been accumulated in a sump basin. It is ideal for certain industries (petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers, power, etc.), transferring highly acidic or alkaline liquids, wastewater processing, etc.

Design: This pump has a side discharge, which saves up on the space taken up by the pump. It is a vertical submersible, single stage, single suction pump and can operate in temperatures up to 90°C. Suitable for numerous chemical processes, this process pump can operate in pits as deep as 5.5 meters.

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