Switching to Solar Energy Made Easy by VEMC’s EPC Services

We’re all well aware of the harmful effects of using fossil fuels. It increases our carbon footprint and accelerates Global Warming. Solar energy is one of the most sustainable forms of energy today, not only because it doesn’t add to Global Warming but also because it makes use of the incident sun light, which is available in abundance.

If you’re considering switching to solar energy, you’ve probably already decided whether you’re going to opt for an OPEX financial model or a CAPEX one.In our article titled ‘Choose the Right Financial Model for Your Solar Energy’, we talked about the benefits of each one. This article is for those who want to opt for the CAPEX model.

So, what is EPC?

When it comes to solar energy, EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. It’s a process adopted by a company installing a PV system for you. In the CAPEX model, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company carries out EPC. Having worked with industries for decades, we provide top-notch solutions for solar lighting systems. We undertake a comprehensive 6-step process to install your PV system.

Site identification:When you first get in touch with us with your solar energy requirements, we go over the requirements and start working on what we can offer.

Pre-feasibility study:We visit your site and examine various factors like the location of your premises to see if solar energy would be suitable.

Feasibility study:If your site is suitable for a PV system, we carry out further examinations to study various aspects of your premises to ensure that a PV system would be feasible. We then start working on a plan for the installation of the system.

Detailed design:We prepare a detailed blueprint of the system and present it to you for approval. We then fine-tune the design and finalize the specifications of the plan.

Supply and construction: We begin construction and take care of everything ranging from high-quality materials and labour to the timely completion of the project. We install solar panels, accessories, etc. and complete the solar implementation in your power supply system.

Commissioning: We undertake the commissioning of your PV system to ensure that it operates smoothly.
Once we complete this 6-step procedure, we transfer the ownership of your brand-new PV system to you. It really is that simple! Want to switch to solar energy? Check out our website for more details or contact us!