What makes a fire pump different from other kinds of pumps?

Are you also amongst the ones who don’t find any difference between fire pumps and other pumps, primarily domestic water pumps?  Both pump water, don’t they? But they are as different as the scenarios they are employed in. And as the material and construction of fire pumps is different, they are far more costly than ordinary pumps.

So, before you go switching your fire pumps with domestic water pumps to control the cost, let’s take a look at the differences between the two:

  1. Corrosion-resistant- As we mentioned, both pumps are used in different situations wherein the fire pump is an emergency pump, rarely used in normal times. But all the time it is not in use, the fire pump still needs to be intact for whenever it is needed. So, a fire pump is constructed, keeping in mind to keep its corrosion resistance factor high- much more than that of an ordinary water pump. Like, water pumps have a cast iron material used in the construction of their impeller, compared to the pure copper or stainless steel impeller of fire pumps.  
  2. Fire pumps have to be fire-resistant- No matter how similar their applications might look, it is important for a fire pump to be fire resistant- something a water pump doesn’t need. A fire pump is not merely supplying water, it is used douse fires so, the material of the pump has to be metal and the surface of fire pump needs to a red paint coating, which not only stops it from getting rust but also fire-proofs it.
  3. High-temperature resistance- Fire pumps have to be high-temperature resistant as they may have to counter scorching heat in the event of a fire hazard, something ordinary pumps don’t have.  

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