Kirloskar HYPN Systems: Efficient multi-use water supply systems


Urbanization has increased the demand of efficient water supply systems. With a large number of people living in residential complexes, towers and high number of people working in big commercial buildings supplying water at a constant pressure is a big challenge. Kirloskar Bros. Pvt. Ltd.has brought an efficient water supply solution for large residential and commercial complexes that promises pressure maintained water supply with the required pressure across all the outlets all the time.

Introducing Kirloskar HYPN System:

Kirloskar HYPN system is a combination of Hydro (HY) that is liquid circulation and pneumatic (Pressure) system (PN) abbreviated together as HYPN system. This system is far more advanced than the traditional water supply system that relies on gravity for water pressure development through overhead tanks. This system is a combination of high power centrifugal pumps and tanks with compressed air that maintain water flow and pressure throughout the supply system. This system has a capability of maintaining constant water pressure all the time irrespective of changes in water consumption.

Advantages of HYPN system:

  • HYPN system maintains uniform pressure across all water outlets
  • It has an automated control system that regulates the water supply across tanks
  • It maintains the desired water pressure across all the outlets
  • It requires least intervention during sudden increase in water demands

How does HYPN system work?

Residential towers, hotels, and commercial complexes require constant water supply. They possess more than one buildings and varied supply needs of each building. The traditional “pressure due to gravity system”with overhead tanks is not capable to provide uniform pressure across all outlets all the time because there is limit to pressure the system can generate. This is a problem in case of increased water use during the morning time of the day. For example water pressure and the force reduce when more taps are open in a building. Also in case of overhead tank supply system the top floors get low water pressure because they are nearer to the overhead tank.

HYPN is an automated system that does not need overhead tanks. It can work with all water tanks irrespective of their position or height (also ground placed tanks). It is the combination of the pumping and pressurized tanks to maintain water supply with a constant pressure.

The system operates at a set pressure that is to be maintained across all water outlets across all buildings of a complex. It is equipped with pressure sensors that sense the decrease in the pressure when one or more outlets are open. The demand of water is more in the morning work timings. Consequently more water outlets are open during that time and pressure reduces because of high water consumption. For the buildings to receive equal watersupply all the time HYPN system sensors sense the drop in the pressure and increase the pressure or force of water by speeding the pumps. Small difference of pressure is covered by the pressure tanks.

VFD system integration

HYPN system is equipped with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that increases or decreases the RPM of the pumps for maintaining the pressure. It acts as per the instantaneous feedback of the pressure sensors to the system. The maximum RPM of the pumps is 2900 per minute and this is the stage where the pumps produce maximum pressure.

The RPM of the pumps is altered by changing the frequency of the electrical power of the pumps depending on the pressure requirement. The VFD system maintains the pressure by changing the RPM corresponding to the specific value of the required pressure. This feature of the HYPN system makes it the most preferred water supply system in the international market.

Types of pressure boosting systems:

  • Fixed speed system: All pumps operate at fixed speeds
  • Single VFD system: One pump on VFD and remaining 1 or 2 on full speed.
  • Multiple VFD system: All pumps on VFD system

The type of system to be implemented depends on the water flow requirements and the size of the overall system. In case of utility of a single big pump it is run with a VFD and if multiple pumps are necessary 1 or 2 is run on full RPM for maximum pressure and one is run with VFD to cope with the water pressure changes across the day.

Uses of HYPN system:

  • Tank filling system for underground water tanks to overhead water tanks
  • Water supply to residential buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, townships, airports, IT parks etc.
  • Water transfer from one storage tank to other storage tank
  • Bottling plant and demand based industrial applications like textile, process automobile, power etc.
  • Municipal corporation water supply schemes, irrigation and gardening systems

Vijay Engineering and Manufacturers Company (VEMC) supply Kirloskar pumps with high functionality control panels that help you get more out of the HYPN system. The control panels make the controlling and setting of the system very easy and add to the overall capability of the HYPN system.

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