Solar and Wind Energy: Are They Really Killing Coal, Nuclear and Grid Reliability?

We’ve always been taught about the importance of using Renewable Energy. Solar and wind energy today power countless homes, offices, industries, etc. But are these sources of clean energy eliminating coal, nuclear and grid reliability? Let’s find out.

Solar and wind energy v/s coal

Can a Residential Solar Panel or a Wind Mill be a good substitute for coal? Absolutely. In fact, though these renewable energy sources may need you to incur significant capital expenditure initially, you’ll notice that you’re paying way less for electricity every month.

Also, recurring costs for solar and wind energy are limited to their maintenance, which can be made easy through Annual Maintenance Contracts (click here to know more about VEMC’s AMC offerings). Meanwhile, energy derived from coal involves higher recurring costs, i.e. the cost of mining it, burning it, etc. Hence, people are increasingly choosing Renewable Energy over coal.

Solar and wind v/s nuclear energy

Solar and wind energy can’t compete with the sheer volume of energy that can be generated with a nuclear power plant. However, these energy sources are more accessible, cheaper, safer and can be commissioned way more quickly. Thus, for homes, offices, commercial spaces, etc., PV Panels or Wind Mills can be more suitable.

Solar and wind v/s grid dependence

If the right form of energy storage is used (click here to know more about energy storage), solar and wind energy can eliminate the need for you to depend on the grid for your power needs. This can significantly reduce your electricity bills and rid you of power fluctuations that may occur in the grid. However, solar energy can also be grid-tied (click here to know more). Here, you can produce your own energy and also depend on the grid to absorb excess energy you produce. You can also draw energy from it if there’s a shortage.

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