What will happen if the speed of the centrifugal pump doubles, keeping other parameters the same?

When we evaluate the performance of centrifugal pumps, we determine the value of pump speed, head, and the required flow of liquid. It is important for the pump’s manufacturer to state the above information clearly about a pump so that customers can decide which centrifugal motor to buy.

But, there’s always a revolting fact regarding the speed of the centrifugal pump in a submersible motor. What happens if we increase the speed or rather double it, keeping the other parameters constant? This is what will happen:

NPSHQ will probably be exceeded, for which any submersible pump is designed. Multiple issues will emerge with cavitations in the suction eye of the impeller. Here, cavitation is a severe condition where the central area of the impeller experiences a very low pressure that could be dangerous because it causes water to boil. When this boiled water starts exiting the suction of the eye, it causes damage to the impeller. In no time, the impeller will be forced to experience a lot of damage and might even get destroyed completely.

Hence, increasing the speed of water pumps or doubling it without a proper understanding of the consequences that it will have on the pressure and flow of the pump can lead to a huge failure of the entire system. Even some of the best pumps in the market are bought because of their lower speed because they ensure lower power consumption and hence a win-win situation for everybody.

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