Here are a Few Ways to Make Your Solar Installation Absolutely Safe & Secure

Safe And Secure Solar Installation

Solar energy is the future and a lot of homes are opting for it hoping to cut back on their electricity bills and receiving an uninterrupted power supply. But solar power installation must be done with a number of safety prerequisites in mind. The best solar company will take into account all factors like your building infrastructure like space or roofing and electrical connections before installation.

From the Electrical Point of View:

Before getting in touch with a solar energy company, track and keep a record of your monthly bills and the power drawn by your electrical appliances. You can do this using the energy calculator apps online. Usually, the monthly consumption in a typical urban household is 1-5 kW. Depending on your electricity needs, choose a solar power system of the right size. Standard solar panels have a 250 Wp (Watt peak) configuration, while larger panels can go up to 300 Wp depending upon the requirement.

Make sure the installer is connecting all the electrical wiring carefully and without leaving any glitches behind. A qualified engineer must supervise the process of routing the cables and it must be ensured that the cable is not damaged. Never touch the electrical wiring or contacts without proper protection gear or insulation.

The PV cells generate electricity by converting the sun’s energy, and the inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) from the panel into Alternating Current (AC). In case the components are “live” with electricity generated from the sun, they can cause an arc-flash electricity shock leading to severe injury or death. Make sure the system is properly earthed to prevent any such situations.

Make sure your solar power company is doing enough to protect your cables, say by using a flexible metal conduit when wiring through walls or if they are exposed to sun and rain outdoors.

Identify the Roof Structure, Type, and Material of the Roof:

Before you go for solar power installation, ensure that your roof offers ample space, has the right structure, and is made of robust material. Otherwise, mounting a heavy solar panel system can cause serious damage to your roof and accidental injuries to your family. Roof space is one of the primary factors to consider in metros, and is given the highest importance for instance by solar EPC companies in Mumbai.

The best roof for installing solar panels is a composite asphalt shingle roof. But by and large, solar panels are viable on most roof types except for wood shake roofs. The roof must ideally face south but in a country like India, as long as you have space for the panels, you’re good to go. Most places receive ample sunlight during the day irrespective of the direction of the roof.

When it comes to the ideal roof design for solar panels, the only rule is ‘simpler the better’. Roofs with lots of tiers, pipes, chimneys, and skylights can complicate the installation effort manifold.

If your roof is old or dilapidated, make sure you replace it before the installation. The old roof may not just be dangerous, it will cost double to dismount and then remount the panels when you eventually plan to replace it.

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