A Pump Energy Audit By VEMC Lead To Substantial Savings For Its Customer

Pump Energy Audit for savings

An energy audit can be a great way to rein in the energy costs of your pump. This is not just important for businesses but also for the global society at large. Greater energy costs can severely hamper our efforts to create a more pollution-free and sustainable world. As per audit statistics, up to 60% energy that pumps consume can be saved. Replacing old pumps or spares after the energy audit can therefore save an incredible amount of energy. VEMC has unparalleled experience and expertise in energy audits and helps its clients remain efficient, cost-effective, and highly competitive in the market.

The procedure of the energy audit:

They say, “what cannot be measured, cannot be managed”. When going for client audits, VEMC measures three parameters: flow, differential head, and electricity consumed.

  • The flow is measured using a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter.
  • Two pressure gauges installed at suction and discharge help measure the differential head.
  • A simple power meter can help measure the amount of electricity used by the pump.

VEMC provides measurement accuracy of up to +/-3%.

Assessment plan:

  • On-site inspection of pumping systems with relevant equipment
  • Collecting and punching data for parameters like flow, differential head, and energy consumed.
  • Generating reports that highlight current and potential areas of energy saving
  • Presentation of observation and implementation of the energy optimization regime

Performance assessment of pumps:

On one energy audit, VEMC found that the efficiency of the condenser pumps of a client was on the lower side. We recommended the following to the client:

  • Replace the rotating assembly for energy savings
  • Replace the 250 kW motor with an IE4 motor of the same capacity. These are more efficient, would reduce energy consumption, and boost output.
  • Since the pumps were operating 24/7, Corrocoat was the impeller for energy optimization.
  • Change the discharge line valves to control the discharge pressure of the pump as per the requirement

Carrying out these recommendations would cost the client a maximum of Rs. 29 lakhs (cost of rotating assembly = Rs. 12 lakhs, and IE4 motor up to Rs. 17 lakhs.)

Carrying out these recommendations had a significant impact on energy saving as well as cost-cutting.

  • The estimated savings in terms of flow at 32 m head of the same pump was 1820 cum/hr.
  • Likewise, the power consumed was reduced from 196 to 194.34 kW, which is an 8% energy saving.
  • The total energy saving of the condenser pump was 119084 per annum, which given the costs per unit (Rs. 10) translated into monetary savings of Rs. 1190840.
  • Given the savings, the Rs. 29 lakh investment on the pump was estimated to get paid back within a period of just 21.2 months or 1.8 years.

It is very clear that a VEMC energy audit shows remarkable energy-saving and cost-optimization results. To get your first pump energy audit conducted, get in touch with us at 022 43436655 or email us at marketing@vemc.co.in