Future Of Solar Energy Looks Brighter Than Sunshine

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and can provide for a significant proportion of our energy requirements with the help of the latest technologies. According to International Energy Agency, it is, in fact, the cheapest form of electricity in history!

What’s the current state of solar?

According to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, India has achieved 5th position globally, in solar power deployment, and the solar tariff in India is very competitive and has achieved grid parity. The country’s solar power capacity has increased by more than 11 times in the last five years, from 2.6 GW in March 2014 to 30 GW in July 2019. 

If we succeed in improving production further, the energy systems like solar farms and CSP (concentrating solar power) plants would not only be considered as valuable energy resources, but also help create more energy than fossil fuels. It will also help reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Solar energy storage

The success of future energy systems depends on solar energy storage as it can store excess solar power onsite, which can be utilised later, when the sun isn’t shining. However, these systems have expensive lithium-ion batteries, which makes them heavy on the pocket. So, if the cost can be brought down and efficiency can be increased, the installation of these battery storages will become more commonplace in the future.

Floating solar farms

India is about to start work on the world’s largest floating solar energy project at Omkareshwar dam on the Narmada river. The project is expected to produce 600 MW solar energy starting 2022-23. A 100 MW floating plant is expected to become operational in Telengana soon. Spread over 450 acres, the project will have 4.5 lakh photovoltaic panels, and will be scalable in the future. 

Floating solar farms can help preserve land for agricultural and terrestrial ecosystems. It will also help countries that lack adequate land build utility-scale solar farms.

The future of solar panels: The Tesla Solar Roof

Going solar can reduce your electricity bill considerably. While rooftop solar installations are extremely beneficial, many may not like the way in which it changes the look of their homes. To solve this issue, companies like Tesla, are working on making the future solar panels more aesthetically pleasing, so that it could blend in with its surroundings.

Landowners and developers

Increased demand for solar energy can be a great opportunity for land owners, who can lease out their land for solar projects, in exchange for money. This would be a win-win situation for both property owners and solar project developers.

Solar energy is one of the most inexpensive and sustainable forms of power on the planet. With advancements in technology and encouraging government policies, we are all hopeful about a brighter future for the solar industry. That would also mean lesser pollution, reduced use of fossil fuels, lesser carbon emission, and a cleaner future for all of us. If you are keen on leveraging the advantages of solar energy, just contact us on +91 98199 07445. VEMCO Solar (Check out our solar story) offers end-to-end solutions and has empanelled channel partners with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, for solar PV rooftop, small power plant system integrators and installation. Guided by the knowledge gained by VEMC over 72 years, our aim is to be by your side at every step of the way. VEMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services. Depending on your requirement, we provide off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar system solutions as well.