Floating Solar Panels: An Alternative to Land Panels

One of the main concerns people have when they’re considering installing solar panels is the fact that their premises may not be big enough to house large solar panels. In Indian cities, for instance, Mumbai, space constraints are very common. As a result, many buildings are small and don’t have rooftops big enough for Residential Solar Panels. If you’re planning on installing Solar Panel in Mumbai, floating solar panels may prove to be a great option.

What are Floating Solar panels?
Floating PV Panels are solar panels that are installed in a body of water. These are attached to buoyant structures, such as pontoons, which ensure that they remain afloat. Such panels are located in stagnant bodies of water, which could be natural (e.g. lakes) or manmade (e.g. reservoirs).

Key benefits of floating panels:

  • Overcoming space constraints: Renewable Energy like solar power no longer takes up vast chunks of your land if installed in water bodies.
  • Prevention of overheating: Contrary to popular belief, too much direct sunlight can cause solar panels to overheat. Hence, when it comes to floating panels, water can help cool the panels down to some extent to maintain efficiency.
  • Prevention of water loss: Since floating panels cover large sections of water bodies, they slow down evaporation since those sections are no longer in contact with direct sunlight.

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