Does Your Pump Need Replacement? Here Are A Few Signs To Look Out For

The life expectancy of pumps on average is around 10 years. But sometimes they can fail sooner, or exhibit some symptoms which point toward the need for urgent pump replacement. Outdated, inefficient, and malfunctioning centrifugal pumps can impact your business profitability and raise your operational costs significantly. Being the leading industrial water pump dealers in Mumbai, we can share our vast experience to explain when your pump is worn out and needs replacement.

Why does a pump need replacement?

As much as possible, try to repair your pumps to get their aberrations corrected. But after one point, the repairs may no longer work, and just running the outdated pump can cost you money. As a thumb-rule, “if it costs you more than one-half the cost of a total replacement to repair, just replace it”. Quite clearly, the cost aspect is most dominant when it comes to taking the decision between pump repair or pump replacement. Here however are some signs that must send you out for pump buying.

Electrical winding system:

Overheating or failure can be caused due to excessively low voltage, and the problem of lack of continuity in wiring or windings can emerge from excessively high voltage. Your motor may need replacement if its winding system is displaying any of these issues:

  • Burned windings from running on single phase
  • Shorted turns are caused by high-voltage spikes, aged insulation, overheated winding, etc.
  • Open winding due to severe overloads, faulty coil-to-coil connections, physical damage, etc.
  • Phase-to-phase short
  • Ground, that is, winding shorted to frame

Sealing of centrifugal pump:

Seals prevent the leak of liquids in a centrifugal pump and these can cause a severe drop in performance and efficiency over time. In case you repeatedly notice liquid leaking out of your pump system, it means your seals have probably worn out beyond restoration and it is time for your centrifugal pump replacement.

The problem of rusting in centrifugal pumps:

With rust covering your entire pump, including on the inside, there is very little hope for recovery. There is no point in trying to overextend the life of your pump in such a situation. It will only cost you progressively higher to keep the pump running. Replace your pump as soon as you find rust eating into the parts.

Buying a new Centrifugal Pump:

Energy efficiency:

Centrifugal pumps are some of the most energy-efficient equipment out there. Any industrial water pumps dealers in Mumbai or beyond can help cut down your energy costs. Varying by industry, centrifugal pumps consume only about 25-60% of a plant’s electrical motor energy. This can further drop to about 20% if the pump is properly matched with the system requirements.

Pricing of centrifugal pumps:

Centrifugal pumps are some of the most cutting-edge yet affordable pieces of industrial equipment. Its price varies per size and power. Just to put things into perspective, a 100 mm centrifugal pump can cost a maximum of about Rs. 300000 in the Indian market. Likewise smaller ones of up to 0.37 Hp can cost around Rs. 10000.

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