From Sewage to Success: 5 Reasons to Choose Kirloskar Sewage Pumps

Kirloskar Sewage Pumps
Kirloskar Sewage Pumps

Kirloskar is one of the most trusted names when it comes to pumping in India. The pumps are well suited for a wide range of activities such as irrigation, oil and gas, firefighting and construction. However, with growing urbanisation, more and more municipalities and local authorities are looking for better sewage disposal systems. In the last few years, Kirloskar pump dealers across the country have experienced a sharp rise in clients seeking sewage solutions. 

Here are the 5 main reasons why Kirloskar sewage pumps have become a roaring success


Kirloskar manufactures some of the most robust, reliable, and durable pumps in the country. Much of it has to do with their cast iron body and impellers. Kirloskar sewage pumps are known to operate well in a range of environments. This means stable performance across temperature and chemical gradients of the medium. Any Kirloskar pump distributor will vouch for utmost customer satisfaction on the durability front. 


Household or industrial sewage often carries a lot of sludge, waste, and debris. This can not just clog the drainage but also harm the sewage pumps. Kirloskar’s cutter pump chops the waste into smaller parts while processing the sewage. Thanks to Kirloskar’s smart designs, the performance is always up to the mark.


Any Kirloskar pump dealer could tell you about the delight with which customers buy sewage pumps every single time. This is because of the company’s imperative to make high-tech and sophisticated pumps. For instance, KBL’s remote monitoring system KirloSmart allows users to keep track of pump parameters from their smartphone app. It also indicates when the vitals of the pump are deviating from the normal, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown.


All Kirloskar pumps are designed keeping in mind the maintenance and repair constraints. The simple design and interchangeable parts of the pumps allow users to repair them with ease and without the need for any special expertise or component parts. This reduces the overall costs of the pump during its running life. Proper maintenance and easy repair increase the longevity of the pump and prevent unforeseen breakdowns which could result in serious business losses.


As the clamor for environment-friendly equipment grows, Kirloskar has been putting in a conscious effort to manufacture energy-efficient and long-lasting pumps. Kirloskar pumps like the EE4 save up to 16 percent of electricity. Superior quality of material used, and lower wear and tear also contribute to a longer life. This precludes the frequent repair and replacement of the pumps which can lead to waste and unnecessary environmental burden.

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The best part is that Kirloskar sewage pumps have demonstrated real-world success in sewage disposal. All the above features have played their part in establishing an unassailable reputation for Kirloskar. For more information on sewage pumps, feel free to call VEMC at 022 43436655 or email us at We are a leading Kirloskar submersible pump dealer based in Mumbai.

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