Corro Coating Could Help You Save Millions!

Corrosion is a dreaded word, whether it is at home, hospitals, or factories. All buildings are sure to have a network of pipes and fittings that run through them, moreover, these buildings also have pumps that are constantly pumping water, chemicals and waste, these elements have a tendency to corrode and cause considerable damage to property and in the worst case, to life.

In an article published in 2013 (source: it was stated that India loses about Rs 50000 Crs annually to corrosion and is possibly doing damage to the economy on a huge scale. But is there a way to solve the issue; as corrosion is clearly an issue that is a cause for concern.

VEMC has specialized in offering cost saving and effective solutions to combat corrosion. This amazing innovation is called ‘Corrocoating’. Simply put, corrocoating acts as a barrier between the surface and the pump thereby removing all contact. This solution has been offered to small projects and big ones effectively, for instance, the refurbishment of pumps at Panjrapur. One has to consider the scale of operation and the costs of replacing old pumps with new ones before any action are taken.

Corrocoating is not just a simple solution but it is also cost effective. When one thinks of pumps installed in projects like Bhandup or Panjrapur, these pumps by themselves cost lakhs, add to it installation, infrastructure, transportation and other overheads and what one ends up with is a huge expenditure. However, with refurbishment, these costs can be cut in half or even less. Corrocoating extends the life of the equipment by a few years and increases the efficiency of the equipment as well. As in the case of Panjrapur, a coat of Fluiglide, a hydrophobic solution ensured that the pumps remain damage free from the water. Apart from this, it is noted that corrocoating helped in saving of around 72KWH i.e 631 Megawatts, which works out to about Rs 54Lakhs a year!

Small industrial complex, residential buildings or a giant project like Panjrapur, VEMC has been providing solutions that have been proven to be effective. The increase in the pump’s life means fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs and definitely better output. A simple and elegant solution to a problem that is extremely common. Corrocoating is offering a second lease of life to your equipment!

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