When it comes to quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps only rely on VEMC for the best

VEMC is well recognized among its customers for providing the best quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps. VEMC provides different variants of submersible pumps like KU3, KU4 HH, KS 6 as per the requirements and needs of the consumers. Our consumers rely on our products due to the best quality and superior features available in them. KU3 submersible pumps are manufactured keeping the light weight in mind and compact designs which can be easily installed with HDPE/UPVC/GI pipes. These pumps are utilized in Domestic and industrial water supply, fire fighting systems, Farm Houses, Nurseries and Gardening making it easy for the client to arrange as well as dismantle.

KU4 HH submersible pumps are designed to maintain better life in acidic water. To produce better efficiency and constant performance they are casted with better surface finish. They are rigorously used in fire fighting applications and for continuous water supply in farming and irrigation, water supply for housing complexes and various industries. KS6 submersible pumps are designed for saving huge electrical consumptions as compared to other pumps. They are prepared in such a way that they can withstand any wide voltage fluctuations. The quality of the pump is that it consists of dynamically rotating parts and non overloading power characteristics protect the motor. In the muddy water, the rubber bushes make sure the long life of the pump. These are primarily used in fire fighting applications and continuous supply of water in farming.

Our other category is Kirloskar SRF Series monoblock pumps for firefighting applications. These pumps are Mechanical seal fitted for reliable process and efficient operations. These High speed pumps are made with replaceable wearing parts which are designed to prevent overloading. They are specifically involved in Fire Fighting and Boosting Applications. KS Monoblock pumps can resist any voltage fluctuations between 300-440 volts. To ensure minimum vibrations during the operations they are inducted with dynamically balanced rotating parts and are replaceable which increases their life. These pumps are designed as per Indian Standard Specifications to avoid overloading, motor burning and also for automatic air release during operations. These pumps are widely used in Gardening, Irrigation and Lawn Sprinklers applications. By providing such high quality of submersible non clog and monoblock pumps, VEMC has become the most trusted partner for its clients.