VEMC’s Horizontal Split casing pumps are one of the best in their category

VEMC is the authorized water pump distributor of various brands for more than six decades. VEMC is one of the fastest growing Companies in India providing mechanical and economical pumping solutions. VEMC houses a wide range of products like Kirloskar Submersible Pumps, Horizontal split casing pumps and Multi stage horizontal pumps to name a few.

VEMC aims to provide products and services that incessantly raise levels of customer satisfaction, using processes that support our company‚Äôs core values. VEMC has developed and sustained a culture of competence and effectiveness with the attention being focused on meeting customer needs and expectations. VEMC’s horizontal split casing pumps provides a new generation pumps having broad range of hydraulic coverage and low total cost of ownership, with reliable performance in variety of services.

VEMC’s horizontal or vertical split casing pumps have been specifically engineered to meet the needs and requirements of the oil, gas and process industries. This pump is extensively utilized to move clear water or low-viscosity, clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. A fine combination of volume with ample head, this rugged, simple design offers extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.

The horizontal split case pump is a single stage-stage, non-self-priming, centrifugal volute pump with radial suction and radial discharge port. These pumps have a horizontal pump shaft with the impeller positioned in the middle of the shaft and with self contained amalgamation bearing housing and seal chamber on both sides of the impeller. With no disturbance to the motor or pipe-work, the split case construction enables the pump casing to be dismantled in the horizontal plane along the drive shaft. Eliminating and dismantling of the internal pump parts, e.g. bearings, wear rings, impeller and shaft seal can then take place.

If you are looking for horizontal split casing pumps in India, VEMC is a one stop solution for your pumping needs. VEMC is ISO 9001:2008 certified; the certification implies efficiency and effectiveness of VEMC through incessant enhancement in products and services along with paramount quality and customer satisfaction.