Why is Solar Energy Better Than Wind Energy?

You may be considering switching to Renewable Energy. In that case, congratulations, you’ve made a great decision. But switching to a greener energy source involves many more choices. One such choice is whether you should go for Solar Energy or Wind Energy.

Our suggestion: Go for Solar Energy.

Yes, Wind Energy has its own benefits, be it the possibility to generate power even at night, more efficient electricity generation in some cases, etc.

However, in a country like India, Solar Energy is a safer bet than Wind Energy.

What makes Solar Energy better?

  1. Minimal fluctuations in energy output. Winds are more unpredictable than sunlight, hence Solar Energy is more likely to provide consistent patterns of power generation.
  2. Suitability for most regions. SolarPV Panels can be installed almost anywhere, be it in a village or an urban region. However, wind turbines can only be installed in windy regions, which limits this energy source’s geographical flexibility. Solar panels also require lesser space than wind turbines, hence,for example, a Solar Panel in Mumbai may be a more feasible option than wind turbines in Mumbai.
  3. No disturbance. Wind turbines tend to be noisy and they can also injure birds sometimes. Solar panels, meanwhile, have no moving parts, which makes them more suitable in many cases.
  4. Easier maintenance.As a result of the lack of moving parts, Solar PV Panels require significantly lesser maintenance and are more hassle-free.

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