What is Best Efficiency Point and Maximum Flow Point in a Pump?

Ever wondered how your centrifugal pumps performance can be evaluated?

Pump characteristic curves help you do that. Click here to read our article on the 3 kinds of pump characteristic curves!

The shut-off head (click here to know more) is one of the important points on the curve. This article focuses on two other important points on the curve.

The Best Efficiency Point (BEP)

On a pump curve, the BEP is when the pump is at its most efficient. It’s when water pumps deliver the best results at the least amount of noise and vibration produced. Pumps are usually rated on their BEPs and consume power according to what their rating is. Hence, you probably often see it mentioned in their packaging.

The Maximum Flow Point

This is a flow point beyond which your pump will cease to function normally. It will begin to consume excess power and its efficiency will fall significantly. If you notice excessive vibrations and noise being created by your pump, chances are it has reached its Maximum Flow Point.

These variables on the pump characteristic curve help you determine the performance of a pump and accordingly help you opt for the one that best suits your pumping needs.

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