What is an Isolation Valve, and in what conditions is it used?

An isolation valve is used to manage the flow of fluids in the plant process and prevent it from flowing to a specific location. The primary purpose is to prevent the flow of contaminated components such as blood, pharmaceuticals, or any medical devices.

Isolation valves come to use under multiple circumstances and for various technical equipment as stated below: 

  • Firewater control 

Firewater pumps are extremely risky and dangerous to handle, especially when they need to be removed. But, isolation valves ensure the safe removal of firewater control pumps and prevent any impact on the entire system of the centrifugal motor.

  • Pipeline safety

The blockage of drain lines or water pumps is quite a common issue due to ice or hydrate formation. The worst cases might even include an uncontrollable situation where the submersible pumps freeze open and are impossible to be shut back again. To avoid such mishappenings with the motor, isolation valves could be installed between the inventory and expected leakage area of the submersible motors, eliminating the scope of any leakage in the future. 

  • Oil and gas wells

Valves in the oil and gas industry ensure confidence and reduce any unforeseen risks. Every industry or plant must adhere to the safety and health guidelines provided as per the government, where oil and gas industries are quite prone to damage to the environment. Even a small gas leak in centrifugal pumps can lead to substantial environmental concerns in the future. The stem seal designs of isolation valves prevent any such leakage and ensure adherence to the social and environmental guidelines. 

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