The Dewatering Pumps That Are Recommended to Keep Your Monsoon Problems at Bay

In the monsoon, industrial sites are susceptible to clogging and waterlogging from the rain and floods. This can impede functioning, lead to unnecessarily prolonged downtime, and cause you to incur heavy losses which could have been easily prevented. Dewatering pumps prove to be a boon, especially in such times. They are the answer to all your problems that the inclement weather during this season brings. There are several kinds of dewatering pumps that are available today. So how can you select the correct dewatering pump for your needs? Let’s take a look at different types of dewatering pumps and their benefits to get a better idea.

Self Priming pumps

As the name suggests, a self-priming pump has a special built-in mechanism that enables it to prime itself without manual intervention. They also come with a flood-control feature for quick dewatering and wastewater management. They can be used for frequent pumping operations and use less power and time to run than other centrifugal pumps. They are safe to operate and are the perfect choice for the monsoon.

Eterna CW/BW series

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The Eterna CW/BW series of sewage dewatering submersible pumps are another great option. They can remove stagnant water from the basement, underground parking, and garages. These pumps drain accumulated stormwater during the monsoons, empty water tanks and pits, and remove wastewater from kitchens, hotels, clubs, and surplus water from sumps.

Auto prime pumps

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An auto prime pump can provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for pumping larger liquid volumes. It is portable, simple to use, sturdy, and ideal for pumping water when suction is difficult. It can also be used to pump a variety of liquids (of different viscosities) apart from water, such as slurry. Auto prime pumps are useful in a vast variety of ways such as in groundwater control, sewage over-pumping, wellpoint dewatering, flood relief, mine dewatering, pipe relining, industrial sludge pumping, marine ballasting, tank sediment clearing, and emergency dewatering services.

Cutter pumps

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Cutter pumps are designed to process heavy industrial waste and raw sewage material and to classify general wastewater types. The way they have been built eliminates any chances of clogging that is usually caused by oversized particles and objects like plastic bottles, aluminium cans, ropes, cables, fabrics, and all flushable products.

Cutter pumps can be used to drain sewage and wastewater from buildings and kitchens, and to move sewage and wastewater between water treatment facilities of factories and commercial sites.

At VEMC, we provide all the above types of dewatering pumps, so you can take your pick from any series that suits your requirements best for the monsoon season.

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