Industrial Process Pumps – An Overall Detail

In layman’s terms, a process or industrial process pump is a centrifugal pump, widely used in chemical processes, mostly in petrochemical industries and oil refineries. The design is mainly that of the back pull-out. Like most of the chemical pumps, these process ones are used for handling some of the aggressive chemical fluids.

These options are also highly suitable for higher system pressures and temperatures. So, if the process pump is used in any oil-based industry, it will generally comply with the requirements or API standards.

An Overview of the Industrial Pumps:

These industrial pumps are the most common and popularly used pump types for transferring fluids. It uses an impeller for displacing the water or any type of fluid by using its centrifugal force. This undisputed pump choice is perfect for delivering liquid from one location to another.  The industrial pumps are used in multiple sectors including municipal, agriculture, power generation plants, industrial, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, and all the other options. 

  • Reputed Industrial pumps distributors like Vijay Engineering & Machinery Company  in Mumbai work hard to deliver top-notch quality centrifugal pumps. These pumps are of high utility and can handle large volumes of liquids having high or low PH and fluids with flammable properties.
  • These pumps are mainly designed and suitable for liquids with low viscosity that pours much like oil or water. The more viscous ones, like 10 or 20 wt. oils at around 68 to 70 degrees F will need added horsepower for these pumps to work.
  • Due to the current design of centrifugal pumps they work out to be the effective solution for various applications. Moreover, because of few parts installation, maintenance remains easier and cheaper, when compared to positive displacement pumps.

The above information proves to be a great resource to gather insights about industrial pumps. It will further enable you to select the best industrial pump based upon your requirements.

Major factors affecting the selection of industrial pumps:

To get a better understanding of industrial water pumps in Mumbai, it is important to learn more about the factors, which actually affect their performance level. The major points are listed below for your reference:


The materials used for manufacturing the industrial pumps will definitely put a hold on the performance level. The performance level of the water pumps varies based on the material of construction.  Some of the materials used in pump construction are bronze, cast iron, manganese bronze, multiple grades of stainless steel, duplex steel, haster alloy metallurgy, and nickel-aluminium bronze


Another interesting factor affecting the performance rate of industrial pumps is the heat or temperature. The pumps are highly effective on their own within temperatures around 300 to 500 degrees F. It is important the temperature of any process liquid as some of the liquids when in contact with the atmosphere may solidify and hamper the complete process.


A higher level of viscosity is difficult to pump up liquids. Higher viscosity liquids will act more like solid and will make pumping a difficult process. But, a smooth-flowing liquid can enhance the working mechanism of industrial pumps well.


Generally speaking, specific gravity is the weight of the presented volume of liquid as expressed in relation to the weight of an equal volume of clear water as around 62 degrees F. It is mostly expressed as 1.0.


For better functions, it is important to learn about NPSH-A and NPSH-R as two major values.  NPSH-R is the suction pressure at which the cavitation has reduced pump performance by around 3%. NPSH-A is calculated from the suction portion system configuration. Note that NPSH available should always be greater than NPSH required. The concept of NPsh is extremely important while evaluating the selection of any chemical process pump.


Selecting the right mechanical seal can enhance the performance level of industrial pumps. The right mechanical seal needs to be wear and corrosion resistant with good thermal properties.

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