Diesel Engine Control Panel

Control panels provide a simple user interface to operate, monitor, and control an otherwise complex piece of machinery. Their foremost and most basic feature is the switches to start or stop the machine. Visually these panels indicate the measurements of various parameters of the machine such as voltage, current, and frequency. In case the machine overheats, over speeds, or slows down due to a number of internal and external factors, control panels also facilitate an intervention. In this blog, we unpack the features, uses, and capabilities of a diesel engine control panel for you.

The most important function of diesel engine control panels is to control and protect the diesel engine. The control panel comprises a set of integrated components that monitor the diesel engine parameter readings to stay within the safe levels. The diesel engine control panel functions through the coordinated action of the following components:

  1. The Diesel Controller Unit 

Just like the CPU of a computer, the control module is the brain of your panel. It is a device that controllers the circuit of the panel using a microprocessor controller and paraments of a diesel engine based on changing conditions or shifts in parameters.

  1. The Terminal Rail

This is the junction of all the wires and connectors coming from the engine and the alternator. These wires are linked to the control panel to establish a two-way connection between the engine and the panel. Inputs on the control panel reach the engine and alternator while changing parameters in the engine and alternator are relayed to the panel.

  1. Battery Charger 

Inside the control panel, there are independent fully automatic microprocessor-controlled battery chargers rated at 10 Amps. The battery chargers operate in such a manner as to ensure that the engine batteries are fully charged within 24 hours. PCB mounted LEDs are provided for indication of AC Power On, and Battery Power On.

  1. Circuit Breaker

Just as in many other electrical and electronic devices, the role of the circuit breaker is to stop the flow of current in case of overload or short-circuit. This mechanism is very crucial to keep your diesel engine safe from a sudden spurt in electricity.

The diesel engine control panel is thus an effective device to monitor and control your generator. These days, the panels also include hi-tech LCD screens, displays showing running time, oil pressure and temperature sensors, remote start or stop capabilities, and an emergency shut-down lever. While most manufacturers include these as standard features, you may place an order to assemble a customized control panel based on your unique requirements.

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