Solar Success Story: Installing a Rooftop Solar PV System for Abhijeet Dies & Tools

VEMC recently completed the installation of a 182.49kWp solar rooftop system at Abhijeet Dies & Tools Pvt Ltd. in Naigaon East, Bapane, Maharashtra. We designed this solar rooftop photovoltaic (SRTPV) system using the space available on the terrace at the client’s site with a module by Jinko and inverters by Polycab.


The application of the installation was in machinery and light loads. The project commenced in November 2021 and was completed in January 2022, well within the targeted time, but for a slight delay in net meter installation due to a hold up by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited.

Superior safety protocols

We executed the installation smoothly and took extra precautions to maintain the highest levels of operational safety. We ensured that every team member working on the site used the required personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety helmet, safety harness, and safety belt. We were also careful not to use mobile phones and other electric devices that could distract us during the process. Additionally, we used the crane or forklift to unload the modules and checked that a qualified person operated it. We kept the speed limit below 10km per hour.

Training and instructions

We designated an adequately sized team to lift the modules manually up the stairs so that they were easy to handle. We also gave our team rigorous training and proper instruction during the installation which they followed diligently. This way, we were able to avoid damage to any of the modules. The entire process was supervised by a team of qualified engineers.

Routing the AC cable

When the AC cable was routed, the tray was secured from any wear and tear. Once the tray was clear of any damage, it was carefully positioned to keep it moisture free.


During the process of earthing, the speed of the boring machine was always maintained at below 10 km per hour. Our team strictly adhered to materials like cotton, PVC, and leather gloves while fixing electrodes, handling the backfilling compound, and connecting the electrical panel. Welding goggles, face shields, and aprons was also used during the welding of the system.

How we overcame challenges

Effective time management, cost management, quality control, team management, procurement management and communication skills were the key ingredients in the successful execution and completion of the project.


This project gave us deep insights into the smooth operation of a DG-PV system as well as a DG sync configuration.

Key benefits post installation

We were able to reduce the client’s monthly electricity bill by INR 1.5lakh to INR 2 lakh after the installation of the solar rooftop photovoltaic (SRTPV) system.

VEMC is a well-established solar power plant company in India. With over 72 years of industry experience, VEMCO Solar was able to complete the project for Abhijeet Dies & Tools Pvt. Ltd. successfully. VEMCO Solar is a market leader in solar solutions — be it solar plant erection, procurement, commissioning, net metering, or electrical connections. If you have any requirements in this space, please feel free to contact us at +91 98199 07445. We would be happy to help you out.