How Solar Operation and Maintenance Can Optimize Your System Performance

As solar plants get older, they need operation and maintenance to maximize output. It not only enhances the lifespan of the solar plant but also deals with failures and defects. Solar system owners are increasingly concerned about the longevity of their systems and are paying attention to the critical role of operation and maintenance. The frequency and degree of maintenance of solar systems depend upon the installation type, system configuration and location of the setup. 

Here’s how solar operation and maintenance services can increase the performance of your solar power system.

  1. Performance monitoring: It is important that your solar power system works at its peak efficiency and maintains high output levels at all times. To gauge the performance of the system, continuous real-time monitoring is needed. The foremost task involves establishing a performance baseline against which various parameters are continuously compared, followed by steps to mitigate deviations. This helps to keep any shortfall in performance under check and subsequently plan the necessary corrective action.
  1. Preventive maintenance:  To avoid direct and indirect costs related to sudden system breakdown, a timely inspection of components and devices is necessary. Cables, inverter, combiner boxes, photovoltaic panels and remote monitoring devices must be in good working condition. Preventive maintenance includes, but is not limited to, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, repairs and replacements. Timely preventive checks and actions help the system maintain top levels of performance and also anticipate any possibility of a breakdown.
  1. Corrective maintenance: Despite all the efforts at performance monitoring and preventive maintenance, a system breakdown could be encountered. For situations like these, a comprehensive plan of action has to be ready. Corrective maintenance involves activities performed in order to restore a PV plant system, equipment or component to its original working condition. These include reporting, diagnosing, troubleshooting and providing repair or replacement to restore the system to fully operational status. In some cases, involving a Defect Liability Period (DLP), backup parts may be needed to keep the system running while the equipment is sent back to the vendor for a warranty claim. Although a certain amount of corrective maintenance will be required at some point during the long lifespan of a solar power system, it can be lessened through proactive preventive maintenance and performance monitoring, thus calling for a holistic approach towards operation and maintenance.

The long lifespan of photovoltaic systems necessitates the management of maintenance and breakdown costs over a long time horizon. While the installers usually brief the customers on details of maintenance checks to be carried out at regular intervals, the safest and most effective maintenance service can be provided by solar professionals conversant with system components and their safety procedures.

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