Shedding light on renewable energy.

Whether it was the US presidential election or coffee table discussions in our own homes, one of the topics that seem to pop up quite often is ‘climate change’. Our home discussions may not be full of statistics and figures but that the world is changing is painfully obvious. That something needs to be done, even more so. Solutions range from reducing the use of non renewable resources to spending on research for sustainable measures. Harnessing the energy of the sun pops up as one of the most effective solutions.

In India, in 2014, 67% of electricity produced was by way of burning coal, followed by gas, hydroelectric power and nuclear power. Burning coal is still how the world meets its energy needs. Perhaps a growing green conscience is encouraging more people and industries invest in solar energy; VEMC has always taken on a leadership position in innovation, that explains why the company decided to expand and invest in solar energy.

The company understands its responsibility towards society and is rather keen on delivering a more efficient way of generating electricity. VEMC is a leading solar panel supplier; including Solar panel for lights, Solar Panel systems. These solar power panels aid in power generation and solar lighting systems. Unlike lead acid batteries, Solar Batteries use lithium. The extraction of Lithium is not invasive like coal mining but is rather simple and has no adverse environmental impact.

Solar panels are such a huge success due to the fact that they lower carbon emission, their long life and low maintenance. With a wide range of products and services, VEMC helps in undertaking projects by offering complete end to end solutions. With a range of products for small projects of 1KW to massive projects of 500KW, VEMC assists household, industries and institutions make eco friendly choices. Ask for all in one solar lighting, Solar portable generator, Solar led light, solar lights, solar system integrator lighting, Solar portable generator, Solar led light, solar lights, solar system integrator. From the get go, the company helps clients identify needs, conduct solar feasibility analysis, offers solutions, find required products, install and help maintain the project. VEMC’s expertise includes on grid and off grid power generation solutions, energy storage with solar batteries, maintenance, battery management. From engineering to procurement and commissioning, the entire project is planned and executed to perfection.

The rapid change in the world around is prompting a smart and efficient solution to meet the growing energy needs. The immense power of the sun is being effectively utilised all over the world, the tropics are especially blessed with the availability of the sun all year round and it is only fitting that we harness the energy in the best way possible. After all, making the world a better place is a duty and responsibility.

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