Adding Alternative Power to Your Life With Solar Products

It has become common knowledge that increased and reckless usage of fossil fuel in modern times has led to global warming and several related environmental issues. In the 21st Century, the need of the hour is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and adopt renewable sources of energy that will not harm the environment. One such renewable and freely available source of energy is the sun. Harnessing the sun’s power will eliminate the current difficulty involved in procuring energy for large scale uses. Working towards a sustainable future by embracing alternatives such as solar energy is the best way to contribute to environmental conservation as members of a global society.

Efficiency of Solar Products

How is solar power a good option? Sunlight is abundant (and free!), and can readily be tapped as a source of energy. Solar energy is one kind of energy that can never run out. Apart from reducing your electricity bills and being non-polluting, solar energy is important in the current day and age because of its global availability. There are various ways in which solar power can be tapped, and there are several types of solar products that can utilize solar energy.

Solar generators (which are compact Solar PV generators) allow for instant power supply and are apt for the backup requirements of residential and small commercial units. Modular, scalable and easy to install, solar generators have a portable design and are a wise choice for farms, bungalows, schools, nursing homes, small hospitals and small commercial spaces. Mobile solar generators have a strong structure capable of withstanding tough environmental conditions. The inbuilt storage capacity (Li-ion batteries) of these generators allows for usage of the stored surplus power during night-time. There is the option of choosing between mobile and fixed solar generator systems, according to need and convenience. When it comes to energy backup requirements, solar generators are an excellent way of free power generation.

Solar lighting is an environment friendly, reliable and efficient way of harnessing solar energy to brighten up streets, roads, playgrounds, campuses, courtyards and parks. Apart from these, solar lighting solutions can also be used to light up airfields, military bases, stadiums and wildlife areas. Solar lighting is the best way to utilize sunlight for lighting purposes, and is a good replacement for traditionally used sources of lighting, such as electricity-run lamps and kerosene lamps.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) has been the leader in innovative solar power systems and solutions, and our solar generators and solar lighting solutions are some of the best ways to tap the potential of the sun’s plentiful rays. We have years of experience in dealing with large scale projects, ranging from those in residential spaces to commercial areas. Adding an alternative 24×7 source of power to your life becomes easier by opting for VEMC’s range of reliable solar products. Check out our website or contact us today to smoothly make the shift to solar products!

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