11 Solar Tech Advancements of 2022

11 Solar Tech Advancements of 2022

Solar power is commonly associated with solar panels. However, there are several new solar panel technologies waiting to get launched or are already available in the market. They are revolutionizing not only solar energy, but also renewable energy production in general.

In fact, more and more viable solar energy solutions are becoming available in the market at comfortable pricing for easy adoption. Increased adoption of solar energy by both domestic and industrial consumers can reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels.

Here are 11 solar energy advancements to keep an eye out for in 2022:

  1. Solar Half Cells – These are solar cells sliced in half. The lesser the resistance from PV cells, the greater the flow of electrons in the circuit, leading to higher efficiency.
  2. Floating Solar Farms – Also known as floatovoltaics, these are solar power systems floating on reservoirs, dams, and other water bodies. They offer greater efficiency, are cheaper, and help save a lot of space. Being on water also prevents them from overheating. This leads to higher energy production and lower maintenance costs.
  3. Building-integrated PV (BIPV) – These panels can be added to skyscrapers in the city without taking away their architectural beauty. PV glass can allow sunlight to enter as well as conserve energy. The customized panels can be added to architectural elements such as canopies and terraces.
  4. Microinverters – Inverters help convert solar energy into electricity. With modern advancements, they have transformed into module-level power electronics (MPLE) or microinverters. They are not only more efficient — recording 96.5% efficiency — but are safer as well. Even if one microinverter stops working, the others keep working, maintaining efficiency.
  5. Solar Batteries – These offer access to solar power even after the sun goes down. They come in a range of sizes and can charge multiple appliances and even an entire house. They offer higher energy independence while reducing carbon footprint.
  6. Solar Monitoring Systems – They can be used leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and can be accessed through apps or the web. These devices provide a lot of information such as individual device insights and power usage.
  7. Solar skins – Similar to ad wraps on bus windows, they offer high efficiency due to selective light filtration advancements.
  8. Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB) – This innovative concept leverages over 3,000 miles of traffic noise barriers to create solar energy of around 400 gigawatt-hours (GWh) annually.
  9. Solar Fabrics – These help us generate our own energy with built-in solar filaments in t-shirts, winter coats, and other clothing. They can also be used to keep us warm or charge phones.
  10. Solar Water Purifiers – These solar-powered desalination systems can provide around seven litres of drinkable water per hour, for each square meter of the solar network. This means they can produce drinking water enough for 2,213 people daily.
  11. Solar aeroplanes – These vehicles are covered with lightweight solar panels that gather energy and collect them in onboard batteries to use post-daytime.

These promising new techs are making solar energy more efficient, safer, and affordable for all.

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