Vertical Inline Pumps – Tap the Advantage

Inline pump is used to move a precise volume of liquid in a particular time frame maintaining the flow rate. It is engineered, in a way, to increase efficiency and reduce radial loads. These pumps are also designed to help reduce operating and maintenance costs. The pumps are versatile enough to render for various market applications, such as chilled water, condenser water, and hot water systems. There are two orientations in which the pumps are available, horizontal as well as vertical.

Vertical pumps surpass in few areas considering horizontal inline pumps and thus vertical inline pumps have applied in:

  1. Process water
  2. Air-conditioning
  3. Cooling towers
  4. Pressure boosting
  5. Power production
  6. Water utility
  7. Wastewater
  8. Agriculture

In addition these application areas, vertical inline pumps render numerous advantages:

  1. Saves floor space and reduces piping
  2. No flexible connectors or foundation grouting needed
  3. Mounts like a valve for quick installation
  4. Multiple material selections allow for customization to meet specific requirements
  5. Vertical shaft configuration – promotes longer seal and bearing life
  6. Easier to maintain and smaller spare parts inventory
  7. No coupling alignment or bearing frame assembly is needed

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