KVM – Highly Efficient Vertical Multistage Pump

Kirloskar’s Vertical Multistage Pump is a product specially designed for RO plants to purify and deliver safe and potable water. In fact,  the KVM pump is known to be the very heart of the RO plants due to its incredible design and function. It has extremely robust components that do not deteriorate easily and provide reliable, long-term operations. Being lightweight and highly efficient, these pumps help save plenty of space and integrate into your plant seamlessly. Depending upon their concerned application in the RO plant, these pumps come in a number of sizes. 

Here are some outstanding features of your KVM Pump:

  • KVM pumps are built using engineering polymer impellers and diffusers. This gives the pump excellent resistance to most acids, bases, chlorides and cleaning agents, therefore, diversifying the range of the media it can be used in. This also contributes to great hydraulic stability, reliability, and long-term performance.
  • KVM pumps have a keyed shaft that works in tandem with a machine element and conveys the torque to power transmission components. Positive locking of the impeller means better pump life.
  • The pumps have a fairly wide range of voltage tolerance. They can withstand fluctuations anywhere between 180-240 V and 300-440 V. There are very less chances of motor burning in case of a drastic change in the voltage. The pump by and large has a wide operating range with relatively flat characteristics. This accounts for a stable performance over a longer duration.
  • The motors come with an added advantage of being relatively light-weight. This enhances their portability and makes them easy to handle and integrate into your plant setup.
  • The pumps come with Cathodic Electro-Deposition (CED) coating which makes them resistant to corrosion and early deterioration. CED coating is 5 times as effective as conventional painting and, therefore, means a fairly long pump life.
  • Heat, leakage and wear and tear resistance is ensured by the cartridge type mechanical seal that has high quality graphite and hard alloy. It also contributes to easy maintenance without opening the pump body.
  • KVM Pumps are high on efficiency. They consume less power and can substantially boost your energy savings.

Apart from their extensive use in RO pApart from their extensive use in RO plants, the KVM Pumps also find application in a number of other operations. These are often used for fire-fighting, pressure boosting, industrial washing and air conditioning. Irrigation is an important area where the pump finds a fairly significant application. The pump is also used for lifting water to apartments in tall buildings and residential houses. 

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