Get Efficient & Better Performing Split Casing Pumps from Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC)

For industrial purposes, different types of pumps are used for different purposes. Water pumps are different from the pumps that are used for other liquids. On top of that, water pumps come with a lot of different mechanisms. With the advent of time, more advanced, powerful and energy efficient devices are coming up to control the industrial process with utter seamlessness. Amongst the advanced water pumps, split casing pumps are considered as the most advanced and popular industrial pumps these days. These pumps are generally horizontal, double suction and single stage pumps. These are efficient and energy saving, but you still need to find products from the trusted suppliers in order to enjoy all the benefits of this type of pumps.


Split Casing Pumps from VEMC

VEMC or Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company, Kirloskar pump dealers in Mumbai, is one of the pioneering companies in India for supplying high quality and cutting edge electromechanical engineering products. The company possesses an excellent reputation for being the best service provider. Having more than 60 years of experience and establishment, VEMC stands for reliability and quality. When it comes to manufacturing, industrial pumps, VEMC provide robust products that can suit the needs of advanced industrial processes. Cost effectiveness and excellent energy efficiency are the best two features of our products.

Split casing centrifugal pumps are designed and developed with high end precision by VEMC. In the manufacturing process, it is ensured that the pumps are developed keeping the global industrial standards. Check out some of the featuring characteristics of the Kirloskar split casing pumps, supplied by VEMC:

  • Cutting Edge Design – These split casing pumps are designed to provide high end efficiency. The design of the pumps has been maintained as per global industrial standards.
  • Kirloskar Split case pumps are centrifugal pumps and horizontally split. It works on the mechanism of producing centrifugal force.
  • Horizontally split case pumps are manufactured to produce excellent energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means cost saving, and for business houses, these pumps prove to be profitable as they lower down the production cost.
  • Accuracy – Split case pumps are used for heavy industrial processes. They are also used to obtain heavy duty services. Products from VEMC commits accuracy as well as durability with head capacity ranges from 160m to 330 m.
  • Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Rotation – These Split case pump features both counterclockwise and clockwise rotation.
  • They feature double suction, double ended shaft, enclosed impellers, etc. for seamless performance and error free hydraulic balance.

Applications of VEMC Split Case Pump:-

The split casing pumps, supplied by VEMC, are designed and manufactured by Kirloskar Brothers Limited to fit different industrial purposes in various industrial domains. These pumps are used in emergency fire services, municipal water supply processes, mining oil processing and many more. It is also used for industrial processing in the sugar industry, paper industry, oil processing industry, pipeline manufacturing industry and many more. VEMC supplies high performing pumps that commit to deliver cost-effective and energy efficient services. VEMC supplies pumps with capacity ranging from 470 m3/hr to 24000 m3/hr. The head ranges from 115m to 330 m.