Centrifugal Monobloc pumps: Effective water management system

Since its inception in the year 1948, Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) have been toiling to be the best in the industry. Panning India it has for sure attained technical expertise in a roster of domains that pertain to fluid engineering products and varied electromechanical sectors too. Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, VEMC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  In addition, as a water pump distributor it also renders its services in Pune. The establishment also deals in Kirloskar submersible pumps, Multi stage horizontal pumps, multi stage vertical pumps and many more.

The company is conscientious about the products and services rendered and thus this has made it perfectionist in its domain. Water is a scarce resource and thus effective water management system is needed for its utilization. For this it offers centrifugal monobloc pumps that are utilized for lifting water from well/ river, pumping to high rise building or drainage/sewage water.

With compounded experience, the company has gained the technical know-how about the pumps in abundance pertaining to the monobloc pumps. To elaborate more, a monobloc pump has all its rotating parts mounted on a common shaft. The prominent parts of it are pump assembly and motor assembly. The reason behind the development of the centrifugal monobloc pumps was to avoid transmission losses. Since, in a belt driven sets and coupling driven sets there are transmission losses. Therefore, motor and pump being mounted on a single shaft, there is no energy loss during energy transmission. So, saving energy as well as wastage of water makes centrifugal monobloc pumps the best in the industry.