A GenNext Technology In The Pump Industry – KirloSmart

Kirloskar Brothers (KBL) is one of the leading pump manufacturing companies in India. Based out of Pune, they have years of experience in engineering and fluid management systems. They have recently launched an advanced version of its signature Internet of Things (IoT)-based pump monitoring system – KirloSmart.

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KBL was the first company to launch this innovative solution in 2016 in India after testing it inhouse, at the Kirloskarvadi factory in 2010. With this launch, KBL lives up to its expectation of engineering excellence and inventing technology to improve customer satisfaction.

What is KirloSmart?

KirloSmart is an IoT product with a specialized capability of remotely monitoring pumps through Kirloskar Brother’s web portal, triggering alerts when the pumps are not showing problems.

KirloSmart merges hardware and software technology to enable the user to remotely monitor and troubleshoot pumps on a real-time basis with zero manual intervention. It helps predict and come up with corrective measures to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and ensure that the pump is healthy enough to offer optimum performance. This works by transmitting the analytical field parameters of the pump on the KBL web-based portal and interactive mobile app. These cloud services are completely SOC (System and Organization Controls) compliant.

Unique features of KirloSmart

Some of the advantages of the KirloSmart system are:

  1. Predictive maintenance alerts with probable causes through email and SMS
  2. 24×7 real-time monitoring, historical data and trend monitoring, and graphical indications
  3. Remote diagnosis of the issues at the earliest stages
  4. Pump spares management such as estimation of service life
  5. Backup storage in case of communication failure
  6. User configurable sensors
  7. Communication mode selection such as mobile data, GPRS, and ethernet
  8. Cost-effective, simple plug and play
  9. Facilitates easy integration with existing integrations

Benefits of KirloSmart

The benefits of using KirloSmart for your commercial space are:

  • Boosts profitability by reducing operational costs, repair costs, and labour costs
  • Reduces chances of unplanned breakdowns and improves plant safety and reliability
  • Boosts lifespan of equipment and reduces down time
  • Eliminates costs of assets such as servers, modems, and computers
  • Boosts equipment productivity and efficiency

IoT based pump monitoring solution

With the help of IoT technology, KirloSmart generates alerts for the possible causes of pump failures through built-in analytics and spare management modules. This helps pump owners monitor pump health and measure the critical health parameters of the pump. It also helps them in prompt diagnosis and resolution of issues. The system can also send alerts and notifications through SMS, email, and push notifications.

VEMC supplies KirloSmart to IIT Powai

IIT Powai wanted to monitor the performance of their pumpset installed for freshwater application. For this, VEMC was to employ a person daily.

However, by introducing KirloSmart, VEMC was able to monitor the performance of the pumpset without any human intervention.

The benefits achieved as a result were long-term and involved reduction in manpower requirement and replacement with IoT-based machine.

For further information on IoT and smart pumps, motors, and other equipment, feel free to contact us at +919819907445. KBL is a pioneer in remote pump monitoring technology and we would be happy to assist you in finding the best match based on your requirements. VEMC is an authorized KirloSmart dealer. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a pioneer in the field of electromechanical engineering products, allied equipment, and services.