5 Ways Solar Metering Can Maximise Your Energy Savings

Whether in domestic, office or industrial setting, solar energy is catching up as one of the most preferred alternative energy sources. The growing efficiency and energy savings offered by solar PV systems across the world have provided further headwinds to this trend. 

VEMC is the leading solar energy company based in Mumbai, and in this blog, we take you through the 5 ways in which solar metering can maximise your energy savings.

1. Lower electricity bills

For starters, installing a solar PV system on your rooftop will instantly cut your electricity bills as the burden will shift away from your grid. Solar panels support a wide range of appliances such as TV,  air conditioners, refrigerator, lights, dishwashers , etc., depending upon their capacity. Users have in fact reported a reduction of up to 90% of their bills.

2. Government incentives

Solar energy is being incentivised by governments across the world owing to its contribution towards a green, carbon-neutral future. Whether in the form of subsidies, tax breaks or other incentives, you can benefit greatly from generating electricity from your rooftop solar plant. VEMC, a leading solar installation company, can also get you more information on the incentives available in your city.

3. Alternative heating system

A significant portion of your electricity is consumed by heating devices like geysers and cookers. The charges that are accrued by running these heating devices can be somewhat neutralised or completely eliminated using solar panels. This is a great way to capture the already available and abundant energy of the sun to heat up your liquids, food or homes, in a clean way.

4. Net metering

Net metering is an ingenious way to sell and keep a record of the excess energy that you export to your electricity grid. In case you do not use all the electricity that your solar panels produce, you can sell the surplus to your local supplier and earn money. At the very least, net metering can enable you to offset your energy bills. All you need is a ‘net meter’ which keeps a record of electricity imported and exported.

5. Higher property value

Finally, solar panels are known to increase property value in the long run. Research suggests that homes with solar panels are also more marketable or put simply, they sell faster! This is a rather indirect, yet significant value that solar panels bring to your property.

When it comes to energy savings, solar PV systems are one of the leading solutions worldwide as they offer a number of ways to cut down on your energy costs. We’ve seen above how they reduce electricity bills and even enable you to monetise your solar PV system through net metering.

For more information on how solar panels help you make savings, speak to our experts by calling us on 022 43436655 or emailing us at marketing@vemc.co.in. We at VEMC are the leading solar energy company based in Mumbai, with over 70 years of industry experience.