This can prove to be the most expensive mistake of your life…!!!

Safety is not a matter of chance; it requires a conscious and continuous effort to keep our near and dear ones safe. Fire hazards have been happening since man first discovered fire by rubbing two stones together. With evolution, man has also learned some full-proof ways to protect himself from such vulnerabilities. Today every project – whether residential or commercial, needs to house a fire fighting system, rendered mandatory by regulation. It includes an intricate plan of water storage, pipe network, sprinklers or hydrants, a pumping system with easy accessibility and operation across the length and breadth of the project.

The most important part of any fire protection package is its reliability and durability, since it is the first defence for anybody to secure themselves against a fire outbreak. Hence, it is a well thought out decision to house an FM approved and UL Listed Fire Fighting set. A lot of properties do rely on external water sources or pump to maintain the adequate water supply and system pressure to douse the fire. An FM approved fire fighting system is rigorously tested for efficacy of its driver pump and controller, to ensure it withstands the pressure and performs during each certification drill. Pump tests are done to ensure the flow and water discharge across pipe network, and suction lift tests ensure the performance in ‘less than ideal water pressure’ scenario. Motor and fire controller is tested in harsh and extreme conditions to check its threshold and whether it complies with the required standards. FM approval standards and audits are devised to evaluate these complex fire fighting systems performance in difficult conditions. Once FM approved and UL listed, you can be sure the fire fighting system will perform its part whenever called upon.

Vijay Engineering and Machinery Company (VEMC) is one of the pioneers in providing electromechanical, engineering and allied equipments. VEMC also deals in FM approved and UL listed fire fighting systems which can ensure adherence to stringent safety standards with highest level of quality and dependability on a continuous basis.

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