Get Top-Notch Submersible Pumps from the Best Submersible Water Pump Brand in India

What is a submersible pump?

A submersible pump has a hermetically sealed (airtight) motor attached to the main body. The seal protects the motor from water damage. For the pump to work, it needs to be submerged in the fluid that needs to be pumped. The fluid helps cool the motor during the process, so if the pump is not completely submerged, the motor can overheat. The main problem a submersible pump helps overcome is pump cavitation, wherein small cavities of water vapour form inside the pump leading to a fall in its efficiency.

Where is a submersible pump used?
A single stage submersible pump is used in home pumping (e.g. aquarium filters) or to pump sewage and slurry. It is also used in small industrial processes. A multi-stage pump is usually lowered into boreholes and so, is used in water extraction for residential, municipal or industrial purposes or in water wells or oil wells. A submersible pump can work in fresh water as well as salt water. It is suitable for direct burial and within well castings.

How does it work?
A multistage pump is used in a vertical position. It is lowered into the fluid and begins to work when it is completely submerged. While an above ground pump uses suction to pull the fluid to the surface, a submersible pump uses direct pressure to push it upwards.

Benefits of using a submersible pump

  • Submersible pumps don’t face problems related to pump cavitation.
  • Since above ground pumps pull water upwards, they often face issues related to their mechanism. Submersible pumps, after being lowered into the fluid, push water upwards. This is a simpler, more efficient process which allows the pump to last longer.
  • Since a submersible pump is completely submerged in the fluid and its motor is protected by a hermetically sealed space, it doesn’t lose its prime. Hence, the pump doesn’t need to be primed. It also doesn’t face any issues and doesn’t need to be replaced for decades.

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