In this finance model, the client or any entity approaches VEMC for the installation of a Solar PV system on the premises of the client. Once the plant is commissioned, its ownership transfers to the client and VEMC’s scope ends. Such models of installation of solar plants can claim government subsidy in the case of domestic consumers and accelerated depreciation benefits in the case of industrial and commercial consumers. Such installations also have provisions for applying for a net metering agreement with their present electricity utility

The advantages of this model include:

1. The client has complete ownership over the plant and its operation.

2. The client can reduce his electricity bills by sizable margins depending on the capacity of the Solar PV plant.

3. Client can avail CFA (Central finance assistantship) Subsidies and tax benefits from Government bodies.

4. Client can complete his CSR and Renewable energy use and purchase obligations.

5. Client becomes partially immune to increasing Utility electricity prices.